Bonjour Bakery is 4 months old !


It is the height of Christmas season and we at Bonjour are on the cusp of great things.

This last weekend we were honored to deliver our goods to several locations: To the Conrad Mansion, Kalispell Art Walk, and Souci and Soucie Salon.

This next weekend, we will be hosting a private event at the Bakery.

Also this coming weekend, we are thrilled to announce a partnership with Glacier Symphony and Chorale wherein we will provide delicacies for sale at concerts, starting with the performances of The Messiah Saturday and Sunday!

An abundance of talent has given us the ability to offer culinary classes. Register here for the gingerbread classes of your dreams:

Cake making artistry has reached dizzying heights, (check out our Instagram linked below) and we have secured our first order for wedding cake for this July. Our bakery style is evolving and I believe we will have a very honest elegant form and decoration to our cakes, which will always have a bit of metallic splendor.

We have obtained our wholesale license and our products are carried at The Apple Barrell and Folklore Coffee in Whitefish. !

Our partnership with Montana Coffee Traders is bearing fruit and the staff is in the last phases of their Barista Training. We are especially excited to pair our exquisite pastries with properly made espresso.

In January, we will be starting a series of Sunday brunches and continue the Sip and Study classes. We will also be at the Wedding Expo January 12th at the Flathead Fairgrounds.

So extra !

Bonjour Bakery and Bistro is 10 Days Old !

The bakery has turned into a wonderful place to see people. I have so enjoyed seeing the old friends come out to see the bakery. I have been delighted by the new kindred spirits I have met. I have been especially grateful for all the heartfelt advice, tips and pearls of wisdom.

The bakers and staff have been amazing, exercising their skills, and pushing themselves to adapt and evolve. 

We have grand designs. We are expanding bread production next week for more volume of the country loaves. We may continue fougasse from time to time, and plan regular Friday Challah once we get the country loaf supply chain secure. 

Macarons remain a perennial favorite, with new flavors being developed every week. I am amazed at the exquisite work that goes into them. They are one of my favorite things to photograph. 

Cupcakes have been a steady seller, with a great set of favorite flavors. 

Pastries have been consistently fantastic with croissants with all sorts of things inside, like ham and cheese, as well as raspberry. 

Team savory has been offering hearty soups in both paleo and vegan varieties, as well as complex salads and fancy sandwiches. 

Guests should expect new menu items every week, with continued maintenance of the favorites. 

Saturday we will be open 10-2pm and plan to sell treats but no lunch per se. We will also be trying out some experiments- surprises. 


See you at the bakery! 


Bonjour Bakery is open for good !


We are happy to announce that Bonjour is open for business and open for good. In the morning we feature continental breakfast, with croissants, coffee or tea, and quiche. Today as every day we will have breads, pastries, and gelato. Staring around ten we will have lunch items of soup, salad and sandwiches. Catch us before work, after work or at lunch!



Feeling the Excitement !

Not only can we see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we can feel it too. We are reaching for our sunglasses and basking in the summery warmth. We are opening this Wednesday, August 8th ! 


The bakery space is all correctly configured now from the massive hood with its electronic sensors to the new electrical system and gas ovens. Whether it was gas pipes, water pipes, or electrical conduits, I requested that all would be on the walls rather than in the walls, visible and accessible. To me, the visible order and functionality are beautiful. 

The tables, appliances and shelving are almost all on casters, so the place can easily be kept clean. The new paint glows while the black and white checkered floor shines. 

We are beginning to receive food orders. Our small appliances are just about unpacked. A few framed photos of France still need to be hung. Come Monday morning the baking and cooking will begin. 

We reworked and simplified the menu for opening. We all feel confident and comfortable with it:

Breads will be three: County Bread (a sourdough) Baguette, and epi. 

Pastries will include croissants, pain au chocolate, and palmiers au framboise. 

The will be several flavors of macaron, and several flavors of cupcakes. 

Two soups, one vegan, tomato red pepper and one paleo, chicken with mirepoix, will be served. 

At least two salads will be presented, Salade Nicoise, and Salade Lyonnaise. 

There will be several flavors of gelato. 

Coffee pour overs and french press teas will be served, as well as sparkling water. 

We sincerely hope you will join us. 



Weight on my Shoulders

This is about the time I am feeling the weight of everything. The plumbers, the electrician, the hood people, the sign people, the building department, public works, and the health department. There have been painters, printers, and flooring specialists. Almost without exception, everyone has been kind, helpful and eager for us to succeed. 

Speaking of heavy..... our pizza oven has come in at 825# and took 6 professionals to lift. All the ovens get hooked up this week, and the health department inspection should come soon. Then we can begin training, and shortly after, to open. 

Stay with us ! 

Fondant Aspirations


Cakes on Pinterest. Breathtaking and Impossible. They are Objets D'art. They are Objects of Desire. We will be designing cakes for weddings and other festivities...not right away, but once we get going. Part of caking making is the cake, part the filling. Then comes the decorating, and this can be by icing, ganache, or fondant. Fondant is a workable mixture of almond paste, sugar and magic which is placed into molds or rolled. These creations can be colored or even gilded. Right now I am fascinated by fondant. Here are my latest experiments into this occult art. 


Light in the Bakery


Light is a big decorating theme for me. Our particular space is long with windows only at the front. However, we have brought daylight all the way to the back with a light colored vaulted ceiling and a hall, as it were, of mirrors, large mirrors. We are also installing four chandeliers fit for a palace.  I wonder how many of you will think of a certain french king and his architectural masterpiece... the one with a hall of mirrors and chandeliers ?