Bonjour Bakery is 4 months old !


It is the height of Christmas season and we at Bonjour are on the cusp of great things.

This last weekend we were honored to deliver our goods to several locations: To the Conrad Mansion, Kalispell Art Walk, and Souci and Soucie Salon.

This next weekend, we will be hosting a private event at the Bakery.

Also this coming weekend, we are thrilled to announce a partnership with Glacier Symphony and Chorale wherein we will provide delicacies for sale at concerts, starting with the performances of The Messiah Saturday and Sunday!

An abundance of talent has given us the ability to offer culinary classes. Register here for the gingerbread classes of your dreams:

Cake making artistry has reached dizzying heights, (check out our Instagram linked below) and we have secured our first order for wedding cake for this July. Our bakery style is evolving and I believe we will have a very honest elegant form and decoration to our cakes, which will always have a bit of metallic splendor.

We have obtained our wholesale license and our products are carried at The Apple Barrell and Folklore Coffee in Whitefish. !

Our partnership with Montana Coffee Traders is bearing fruit and the staff is in the last phases of their Barista Training. We are especially excited to pair our exquisite pastries with properly made espresso.

In January, we will be starting a series of Sunday brunches and continue the Sip and Study classes. We will also be at the Wedding Expo January 12th at the Flathead Fairgrounds.

So extra !

Gina Nelson

Greetings ! I am an Obstetrician Gynecologist practicing since 1994 in Northwest Montana. I have been married to Greg since we finished Stanford in 1983 and we have three grown kids. I am a technophile, blogger, naturalist, gardener, foodie and maker of many things. I use avid exercise and nutrition to enhance my life, and manage my lupus. I would like to become an entrepreneur and learn to code.