Fondant Aspirations


Cakes on Pinterest. Breathtaking and Impossible. They are Objets D'art. They are Objects of Desire. We will be designing cakes for weddings and other festivities...not right away, but once we get going. Part of caking making is the cake, part the filling. Then comes the decorating, and this can be by icing, ganache, or fondant. Fondant is a workable mixture of almond paste, sugar and magic which is placed into molds or rolled. These creations can be colored or even gilded. Right now I am fascinated by fondant. Here are my latest experiments into this occult art. 


Gina Nelson

Greetings ! I am an Obstetrician Gynecologist practicing since 1994 in Northwest Montana. I have been married to Greg since we finished Stanford in 1983 and we have three grown kids. I am a technophile, blogger, naturalist, gardener, foodie and maker of many things. I use avid exercise and nutrition to enhance my life, and manage my lupus. I would like to become an entrepreneur and learn to code.