Light in the Bakery


Light is a big decorating theme for me. Our particular space is long with windows only at the front. However, we have brought daylight all the way to the back with a light colored vaulted ceiling and a hall, as it were, of mirrors, large mirrors. We are also installing four chandeliers fit for a palace.  I wonder how many of you will think of a certain french king and his architectural masterpiece... the one with a hall of mirrors and chandeliers ? 


Gina Nelson

Greetings ! I am an Obstetrician Gynecologist practicing since 1994 in Northwest Montana. I have been married to Greg since we finished Stanford in 1983 and we have three grown kids. I am a technophile, blogger, naturalist, gardener, foodie and maker of many things. I use avid exercise and nutrition to enhance my life, and manage my lupus. I would like to become an entrepreneur and learn to code.