Weight on my Shoulders

This is about the time I am feeling the weight of everything. The plumbers, the electrician, the hood people, the sign people, the building department, public works, and the health department. There have been painters, printers, and flooring specialists. Almost without exception, everyone has been kind, helpful and eager for us to succeed. 

Speaking of heavy..... our pizza oven has come in at 825# and took 6 professionals to lift. All the ovens get hooked up this week, and the health department inspection should come soon. Then we can begin training, and shortly after, to open. 

Stay with us ! 

Gina Nelson

Greetings ! I am an Obstetrician Gynecologist practicing since 1994 in Northwest Montana. I have been married to Greg since we finished Stanford in 1983 and we have three grown kids. I am a technophile, blogger, naturalist, gardener, foodie and maker of many things. I use avid exercise and nutrition to enhance my life, and manage my lupus. I would like to become an entrepreneur and learn to code.