Bonjour Bakery and Bistro is 10 Days Old !

The bakery has turned into a wonderful place to see people. I have so enjoyed seeing the old friends come out to see the bakery. I have been delighted by the new kindred spirits I have met. I have been especially grateful for all the heartfelt advice, tips and pearls of wisdom.

The bakers and staff have been amazing, exercising their skills, and pushing themselves to adapt and evolve. 

We have grand designs. We are expanding bread production next week for more volume of the country loaves. We may continue fougasse from time to time, and plan regular Friday Challah once we get the country loaf supply chain secure. 

Macarons remain a perennial favorite, with new flavors being developed every week. I am amazed at the exquisite work that goes into them. They are one of my favorite things to photograph. 

Cupcakes have been a steady seller, with a great set of favorite flavors. 

Pastries have been consistently fantastic with croissants with all sorts of things inside, like ham and cheese, as well as raspberry. 

Team savory has been offering hearty soups in both paleo and vegan varieties, as well as complex salads and fancy sandwiches. 

Guests should expect new menu items every week, with continued maintenance of the favorites. 

Saturday we will be open 10-2pm and plan to sell treats but no lunch per se. We will also be trying out some experiments- surprises. 


See you at the bakery! 


Gina Nelson

Greetings ! I am an Obstetrician Gynecologist practicing since 1994 in Northwest Montana. I have been married to Greg since we finished Stanford in 1983 and we have three grown kids. I am a technophile, blogger, naturalist, gardener, foodie and maker of many things. I use avid exercise and nutrition to enhance my life, and manage my lupus. I would like to become an entrepreneur and learn to code.