Bonjour Bakery is open for good !


We are happy to announce that Bonjour is open for business and open for good. In the morning we feature continental breakfast, with croissants, coffee or tea, and quiche. Today as every day we will have breads, pastries, and gelato. Staring around ten we will have lunch items of soup, salad and sandwiches. Catch us before work, after work or at lunch!



Anticipations of Gelato


A gelato freezer is a formidable thing. It comes crated like a piece of expensive lab equipment and seems as heavy as a CT scanner. Fortunately for me and my husband's back, we have "Two Men and a Truck" a franchise moving service in town. They and their special rig managed to bring our awesome freezer to the bakery today. Many thanks to these nice guys. We will make you some quiche. 

Sign design number 5 was reviewed and approved today. Now it needs to go to the building owner and City for levels 2 and 3 approval. It is done in white, illuminated, in the Apple font Ghandi.

As far as other signage, I cannot deny myself the pleasure of a gelato sign done up in neon tubing. Must have. 

Plumbing plans are proceeding, and the great day of hood installation draw near. Chandeliers have yet to be installed, but that should be easy. 

Check back soon !