Feeling the Excitement !

Not only can we see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we can feel it too. We are reaching for our sunglasses and basking in the summery warmth. We are opening this Wednesday, August 8th ! 


The bakery space is all correctly configured now from the massive hood with its electronic sensors to the new electrical system and gas ovens. Whether it was gas pipes, water pipes, or electrical conduits, I requested that all would be on the walls rather than in the walls, visible and accessible. To me, the visible order and functionality are beautiful. 

The tables, appliances and shelving are almost all on casters, so the place can easily be kept clean. The new paint glows while the black and white checkered floor shines. 

We are beginning to receive food orders. Our small appliances are just about unpacked. A few framed photos of France still need to be hung. Come Monday morning the baking and cooking will begin. 

We reworked and simplified the menu for opening. We all feel confident and comfortable with it:

Breads will be three: County Bread (a sourdough) Baguette, and epi. 

Pastries will include croissants, pain au chocolate, and palmiers au framboise. 

The will be several flavors of macaron, and several flavors of cupcakes. 

Two soups, one vegan, tomato red pepper and one paleo, chicken with mirepoix, will be served. 

At least two salads will be presented, Salade Nicoise, and Salade Lyonnaise. 

There will be several flavors of gelato. 

Coffee pour overs and french press teas will be served, as well as sparkling water. 

We sincerely hope you will join us.